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Vertical Dental X-Ray Machine

The oral health standards formulated by the World Health Organization are: clean teeth, no caries, no pain, normal gingival color, no bleeding. Oral health should have three aspects: good oral health, sound oral function, and no oral disease.
Our Vertical Dental X-Ray Machine products highlights ,
use the international advanced technology, high-efficiency, clear imaging, low leak radiation
Light touched button, controlled with microcomputer, only press one button to select the
exposure parameter, fast and accurately
Develop film in the light room, one minute for imaging, it is fast for doctor make diagnostic
Pneumatic lift seat, more convenient and comfortable
Vertical Dental X-Ray Machine can be matched with digital mouth dental sensor system
If you are interested in our products, please pay attention to the above information. Our company Shandong Newheek is a professional manufacturer of X-ray machines and accessories. Please contact us for more information.


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