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Veterinary photography flat bed, an indispensable part for pet photography

Based on the vigorous development of the animal therapy market, we have also expanded our business to the veterinary field. Here, we introduce our veterinary radiology solutions:

The veterinary photography flat bed can be used in conjunction with veterinary X-ray generators, radiators, etc. It is suitable for standing postures, lying postures, side photography, kV for head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of various institutions in veterinary hospitals photography. The veterinary photography flat bed can be used for X-ray photography in large and medium-sized veterinary hospitals or clinics, and can also be used for scientific research and teaching purposes in medical research institutions and medical schools.

Features of veterinary photography flat bed:

1) Four-way floating

2) Electromagnetic lock

3) Suitable for CR, DR, cassette

Specifications of veterinary photography flat bed

Bed size 1400mmx720mm

Bed height 830mm

Column height 2100mm

Horizontal stroke of bed surface 260mm

Longitudinal stroke of bed surface 120mm

Overall size 1400x720x2100mm


As an ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified factory for X-ray parts and accessories, Newheek has been engaged in this field for more than 20 years. Experienced engineers, skilled technicians and strict quality control system can provide high quality and efficient delivery time.

Our products mainly include X-ray image intensifiers, X-ray vertical film frames, X-ray exposure hand brake switches, beam limiters, high-voltage cables, high-voltage power supplies, photography flat beds, etc. If you are interested in this device, please send an email to:

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