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Veterinary Machine X-ray

一、Power requirements

a) voltage:380V±38V;

b) Number of phases: three-phase five-wire system (U, V, W phase line; neutral line; safety ground)

c)Power frequency:50Hz±1Hz;

d) Power supply resistance: less than 0.5Ω.

3.input power:≤35kW。

4.Photography conditions

Tube voltage: 40 ~ 125 (Tube current) 16 ~ 200mA

Current time product range:0.5mAs ~ 320mAs。

5 working frequency:

Machine operating frequency:≥40kHz。

6. Current time product range:

0.5mAs ~ 320mAs。

7. Overcurrent release characteristics:380V 40A。

(Photography bed)

Bed size: 1600 × 730 × 700 (mm) (length × width × height)

Bed movement range: vertical 800mm horizontal 230mm

Bed to film distance: 85mm

9、X-ray tube assembly, column  

Horizontal movement (along the camera bed): 1620 mm

Move up and down: 1200 mm

Rotate around the center of the arm: ± 180o

10、Maximum size of film holder: 356mm × 432mm (14 “× 17”)


Stroke: 690mm Gate density: N103 Focal length: 1000mm


Compact structure design, excellent coverage performance, support full-body multi-angle photography。

Easy to operate, accurate positioning, optimize the workflow.

X-ray tube components up and down and along the bed movement, photography positioning more convenient

No track, ground track of the integration of bed, the installation is more simple

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