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Waterproof foot switch controls perspective

Waterproof foot switch can be configured in the perspective machine to control the dynamic image. Fluoroscopy machine is suitable for continuous fluoroscopy diagnosis of human esophagus, chest, gastrointestinal, abdomen, limbs and other parts.
X-ray foot switch control operation more convenient and flexible.
Waterproof foot switch controls perspective
High quality combined high frequency and high voltage X-ray generator, no high voltage cable design, reduce loss, good ray quality, reduce soft ray, image clear with pulse perspective.The human figure program control LCD touch screen control design, the operation is more intelligent, more convenient.
Can be hand brake and waterproof foot switch two control modes, flexible switch, convenient application. It is safe and reliable to realize the immobility of mobile people.
Newheek waterproof foot switch is divided into a variety of models and types. Single, double and multiple. Easy to use, reduce the working pressure of the staff, reduce the radiation dose.
Our waterproof foot switch can meet your different needs.

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