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What are the advantages of a portable X-ray DR system?

The portable X-ray machine is a small (miniature) X-ray machine that can achieve the purpose of fluoroscopy and imaging based on the principle of X-ray.
Portable X-ray machine features:
Light weight, small size, easy to carry, low radiat ion dose, no need for protection. No dark room, instant observation, high resolution, clear imaging, military technology, quality first.
Portable X-ray machine application range:
Widely used in hospital orthopedics, hand and foot microsurgery, traditional Chinese medicine osteopathic manipulation reduction, closed needle threading and other fields; field work, earthquake rescue and other on-site casualty treatment. Animal inspections in zoos, farms, pet hospitals, etc.
Widely used in experiments, scientific research, teaching, engineering, etc. Foreign body detection of precious Chinese herbal medicines. Non-destructive testing of industrial products, security inspection of public security, anti-terrorism, and other applicable fields.
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