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What are the advantages of Dr camera?

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, some equipment and technology have been enhanced. Dr film maker is one of them. It has incomparable advantages over other film makers. First, hospital efficiency. According to the relevant national medical equipment inspection fee standards, Dr film fee of digital X-ray machine is 2-3 times more expensive than that of ordinary film. The benefits are obvious! Second, the image is delicate, high-resolution, high-resolution and good image effect, which is convenient for doctors to judge the patient’s condition.

Dr film machine system is composed of detector, image processor, image display and so on. The X-ray signal transmitted through the human body is acquired by the detector to directly form a digital image, and the digital image data is transmitted to the computer for display on the display device. Combined with the digital image workstation, the post-processing can be directly carried out. At present, Dr detectors are mainly amorphous silicon detectors and amorphous selenium detectors. This digital  Dr x-ray machine has a 32kw high frequency generator

Imaging process of Dr imager: the imaging process of DR is a digital imaging process. The X-ray detector will convert and digitize the X-ray energy of human body. The whole X-ray imaging process, including X-ray acquisition, conversion, quantification, transmission, processing, display, etc., is a digital information processing process. Digital photography mode has changed the basis of image information formation. The carrier of X-ray signal is no longer screen / film system, but replaced by many kinds of X-ray detectors.

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