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What are the advantages of high frequency X-ray machine and power frequency X-ray machine?

What are the advantages of high frequency X-ray machine and power frequency X-ray machine?
In terms of time consuming:
Compared with the work efficiency of traditional X-ray machine, DR and CR, traditional X-ray inspection takes 6 minutes to take out the film, CR inspection takes 7 minutes, and DR is completed in one exposure, and its work efficiency is greatly accelerated.
Difference two:
In terms of compatibility:
DR is more suitable for basic use due to its good compatibility.
Difference three:
From an operational point of view:
DR is easy to operate, saves time and effort, and improves efficiency.
Advantages of DR:
1. DR has a wide dynamic range and wide exposure latitude, thus allowing technical errors in photography, and even in some parts where exposure conditions are difficult to grasp, good images can be obtained.
2. The digital X-ray DR has high resolution, clear and delicate images, wide gray scale, and can obtain a large amount of information. The application of leading digital image algorithms fully guarantees the image quality.
3. In the fluoroscopy state, the digital image can be displayed in real time, and the doctor will take digital photography according to the condition of the patient’s disease, and then perform a series of image post-processing such as edge enhancement, magnification, black and white flip, image smoothing and other functions.
Rich and reliable clinical diagnostic information can be extracted from it, especially for the discovery of early lesions, which can provide good diagnostic conditions.
4. During the working imaging process of DR, the dose of X-rays emitted is much less than that of traditional X-ray machines, but it can obtain clearer images and reduce the radiation dose to medical staff and patients.
5. DR realizes “filmless”, which enables the hospital to cancel the traditional management method of recording images on film, and the patient’s patient image can be completely recorded in the computer, which saves the hospital’s film funds and improves work efficiency.
6. DR can enter the hospital PACS system, which provides great convenience for the hospital to conduct remote expert consultation and online communication. In addition, Tiandi Smart DR can display multiple images and compare images, which is helpful for doctors to accurately identify and diagnose.
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