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What are the common X-ray machines in radiology departments?

Common X-ray machines in radiology departments include the following:
1. X-ray machine: used to take X-rays of various parts of the human body. Including the chest, limbs, lumbar spine, etc.
2. CT (computed tomography): This is an advanced X-ray equipment that uses computer processing technology to display a sequence of cross-sectional images of the body, helping to diagnose diseases.
3. Medical digital X-ray machine: Using digital technology, the captured images can be directly transmitted to the computer for processing, with high accuracy and speed.
4. Mobile X-ray machine: This portable X-ray machine can be moved to the patient and used for diagnosis in ICU, emergency room and other places.
5. Fluoroscopic X-ray machine: Fluoroscopic X-ray machine is a medical device that can understand the internal structure of the human body by observing X-ray images. It can be used for positioning, guiding surgery, etc. during surgery.
6. Digital photography equipment (CR/DR): digitizes traditional medical X-rays and can be used for remote consultation and electronic medical records.
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