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What are the differences between CR X-ray machine and DR X-ray machine?

Digital X-ray photography, such as CR and DR X-ray machines, has become increasingly popular.What’s the difference between a CR X-ray machine and a DR X-ray machine?Digital X-ray photography conditions and tube voltage, tube current, photographic distance, filter grating, radiation field and other photosensitive factors are the same as analog X-ray photography.However, because digital X – ray photography technology accepts different X – ray media through the main body and has the function of image post-processing, the choice of digital X – ray photography conditions has its unique characteristics.

IP in CR X machine, FPD in DRX machine and analog X-ray imaging screen system are very different in performance, and the information conversion process and efficiency are also different, and the influence degree on photosensitive effect is just different.CR X-ray machine equipment and X-ray machine equipment image post-processing Settings are two relatively independent systems.The post-processing Settings of DR X-ray machine images are matched with X-ray machine equipment and connected to form an imaging system, so the exposure conditions of CR X-ray machine and DR X-ray machine are also very different.

CR X-ray machine, DR X-ray machine and other digital X-ray shooting conditions and post-processing parameters are in automatic processing mode or semi-automatic processing mode.Click the computer image processing interface, and it will be shown that the images taken are in accordance with the specific numerical conditions determined by the performance of the detector and the requirements of the detected sites.The current image can be post-exposed image processing.

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