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What are the differences between CRX optical engine and DRX optical engine?

Dr equipment is the abbreviation of Digital Radiography, called digital X-ray photography. cr is the abbreviation of Computed Radiography, which is called computer radiography. DR and CR are a kind of medical imaging technology, which belongs to a kind of medical imaging disease diagnosis. So, what is the difference between dr device and cr? CR needs to use ip imaging board to convert x-ray into digital signal, while DR equipment does not need to use ip board. It can be said that cr is one of the transitional stages in the development of traditional X-ray photography to digital X-ray photography.
1. Working principle
The working principle of cr is to use the intermediate medium of ip board, which is to say that X-ray photons are recorded on this ip board, and then through a series of conversions, and finally converted to digital signals, which is indirect digital conversion.
The DR equipment does not need to use this IP board, it can directly convert X-ray photons into digital signals, and directly digitize to obtain images.
2. Image quality
Since the resolution is reduced due to fluorescence scattering during the indirect conversion of the IP board, the image quality of the CR device will also be worse than that of the DR device. The DR device can be directly processed by a computer, by improving image details, reducing image noise, grayscale, contrast adjustment, image enlargement, digital subtraction, etc., to display characteristic information that cannot be seen in unprocessed images.
3. Price
Due to the high technical level of dr equipment, the price is relatively expensive. The cr system structure is relatively simple and easy to install. The IP image board can be applied to the existing X-ray machine, as long as the IP board is replaced by the original film cassette on the traditional X-ray film photography device, the digitalization of ordinary radiology equipment can be realized, and a new machine needs to be purchased for dr equipment .
In short, compared with CR, DR equipment has obvious advantages such as fast imaging speed, good image quality, high work efficiency, and low radiation dose, so now DR equipment has gradually replaced CR.

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