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What are the differences in the internal structure of the second-speed X-ray hand switch?

The internal structure of the X-ray hand switch is relatively simple, and its internal circuit structure is also relatively simple. You will understand the internal structure of the X-ray hand switch after reading the introduction below.

According to its structure, the X-ray hand switch analyzes the working process of its different X-ray hand switch. There is only a pair of normally open switches inside the first-hand X-ray hand switch, which controls the opening and closing of a circuit to control the high-voltage circuit of the X-ray machine. When the X-ray hand switch’s button is pressed, the gear will sink and drive The contact is contacted to close the circuit, and the X-ray high-voltage circuit is energized to generate high voltage to generate X-rays. When the button position of the hand brake is released, the button position rises, thereby opening the contact and opening the circuit. No high-voltage supply is generated and X-rays are no longer generated. The two-stage X-ray hand switch is equipped with two pairs of normally open switches with different stroke control circuits. The contacts of the normally open switch control the two circuits respectively. The first-stage switch controls the X-ray camera’s camera to prepare for photography, so that the preparation The circuit is connected, and the X-ray machine is in the state of pre-exposure. This state can be cancelled. The first button button cap can be released to cancel the X-ray generation during the cancellation process. The contact of the normally open switch controlled by the second gear button controls the high-voltage generating circuit of the X-ray machine to close and generate X-rays. After being released, all the above circuits are cut off to return the machine to the unexposed state. The working process of the third gear X-ray hand switch is the same as that of the second gear X-ray hand switch, except that a button for controlling other circuit devices is added. The above-mentioned X-ray hand switchs are all wired hand brakes, and another type of hand switch is a remote control hand switch. If you have any requirements, remember to call us!

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