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What are the disadvantages of power frequency X-ray machine?

Power frequency X-ray machine refers to the use of power frequency transformer as a rectifier and inverter in the UPS, generally speaking, high frequency machine penetration is much stronger than power frequency machine, power frequency machine to shoot viscera, stomach, bladder and other parts is very fuzzy, and with high frequency machine will clearly appear on the film, and power frequency X-ray machine radiation is greater than high frequency machine.
Disadvantages of power frequency X-ray machine are as follows:
1. Huge volume and weight;
2, output waveform ripple coefficient is large, X-ray dose is unstable, soft ray become more:
3. The accuracy and repeatability of exposure parameters are poor.
In order to solve these problems, the dc inverter technology is introduced into the X-ray machine to improve the working power supply of the high voltage generator from the power frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) to the medium and high frequency. X-ray machines using this technology are called medium and high frequency X-ray machines. With the development of technology, power frequency, medium frequency X-ray machine has been gradually replaced by high frequency X-ray machine.
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