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What conditions need to be met by the X-ray machine to produce X-rays

What kind of medical equipment is the X-ray machine? To fully understand and use the X-ray machine, first of all, we must know very clearly which parts the X-ray machine is composed of, and the work and responsibility of each part. The significance of their respective existence, so how are X-rays generated? So let’s take a look at X-ray in this article. X-rays are essentially electromagnetic radiation like radio waves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays, and r rays, and have the same propagation speed, but the frequency and wavelength are different. The wavelength of X rays is shorter than that of ultraviolet rays, but longer than r rays. Therefore, X-rays have many different properties from visible light. Therefore, to produce X-rays, the following conditions must be met: a high-speed electron flow; a barrier that can withstand the impact of high-speed electrons; the high vacuum and high voltage that should be obtained to obtain a high-speed electron flow. X-rays are generated when a high-speed electron beam hits a substance and is suddenly blocked. We often talk about X-rays, so do your friends know what X-rays are? Is it an electromagnetic wave or particle flow. Therefore, this requires that the X-ray machine must have the above conditions at the location where the radiation occurs.

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