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What equipment is needed to prepare a pet hospital?

In addition to the essential DR X-ray machine, the preparation of a pet hospital also requires the following equipment:
1. Veterinary operating table: A platform for animal surgery and other medical procedures, usually with adjustable height and easy-to-clean surfaces.
2. Veterinary surgery light: Provide bright and focused light source, convenient for veterinarians to perform surgery and diagnosis.
3. Veterinary instruments and surgical tools: including all kinds of surgical knives, staplers, tweezers, scissors, pliers, etc., used for surgery and diagnosis and treatment.
4. Veterinary Examination Table: A platform for examining and diagnosing animals, usually with an adjustable height and easy-to-clean surface.
5. Veterinary monitor: used to monitor the vital signs of animals, including heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, etc., and provide alarm function.
6. Veterinary drug storage cabinet: used to store various veterinary drugs and vaccines, ensuring safe storage and easy management.
7. Veterinary diagnostic and therapeutic instruments: including blood analyzers, X-ray machines, ultrasonic scanners, etc., used to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries of animals.
8. Veterinary medicine and disinfection supplies: including various medicines, disinfectants, dressings, gloves, etc., for treatment and disinfection.
9. Veterinary anesthesia equipment: including anesthesia machine, anesthesia gas and anesthesia drugs, used to anesthetize animals.
10. Veterinary toilet equipment: including wash basins, soap, paper towels, etc., used to maintain the hand hygiene of doctors and nursing staff.
The above is only a basic equipment list, and the actual equipment requirements may vary due to factors such as hospital size, professional characteristics, and budget. For pet hospitals, veterinary DR X-ray machines are an essential part of basic diagnostic equipment.
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