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What is a hand-held dental X-ray machine?

The hand-held dental X-ray machine is also called a portable digital dental film machine. The hand-held dental X-ray machine is mainly used for outpatient examinations, comparisons during treatment, and confirmation of the effects after treatment. For, I want to know For the internal tissue structure of the tooth, the depth of the root, the degree of inflammation of the pulp, and even the internal condition of the broken tooth, the dose of this product is small and does not require protection. It is one of the indispensable equipment for diagnosis.
Pay attention to the following when using the dental X-ray machine held by hand:
1. The patient must be pressed tightly and placed in place close to the root of the tooth.
2. The tube of the x-ray machine should be as close to the skin as possible.
3. Hand-held shaking does not affect the shooting effect, as long as it does not affect the effect within the range of 24 degrees.
4. Regarding the problem of long time, because this machine* uses high-frequency preheating bulb filament technology, the radiation is only a few tenths of a second, and the front is preheating time. The teeth can be paused at any time in the middle and can still be used.
5. Please rinse out the dental film within the corresponding stipulated time.


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