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What is the beam of the X-ray machine used for?

What is the beam of the X-ray machine used for?
In the process of taking X-ray images, we need to use a lot of auxiliary equipment, among which there is a light beam device, so what is the use of this equipment in the shooting process?
We know that X-rays are produced by an X-ray tube, and then emitted through a window on the X-ray tube. We know that the clarity of X-ray imaging is positively related to the intensity of X-rays. At the same time, X-rays will have a certain amount of radiation. During the inspection process, the basic principle that we need to follow is to minimize the harm of radiation to patients.
So in order to prevent radiation damage to the patient, we need to control the X-ray within a certain range, and the function of the beamer is to control the radiation range of the X-ray.

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