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What is the cause of DR artifacts?

In the process of DR filming, artifacts are often generated, so what is the reason for the artifacts generated by DR? Let’s talk briefly today.
The first is motion artifacts, mainly due to the voluntary/involuntary movement of the patient during the filming process. If artifact is caused by voluntary movement, the patient can be immobilized or sedated. Artifacts caused by involuntary movements, such as breathing, can be eliminated after software processing.
The second is the artifact caused by the covering of the subject, especially the influence of metal and other substances, which will be more obvious. The news that the doctor was asked to take off his clothes during the physical examination some time ago may be the reason why the doctor wants to eliminate the metal on the underwear. As for whether there are other reasons, the editor will not comment here, just an example.
In addition, there are many reasons for the artifacts, which are not very common in photography, if you have doubts in this regard, you can practice with us, we will be happy to help you.

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