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What is the difference between different power X-ray machines

I believe that the power of the X-ray machine is not unfamiliar to the friends. So what is the difference between the power of the X-ray machine and the image of the X-ray machine? How do we choose the X-ray machine that is suitable for our own power? First of all, the size of the power directly reflects the size of the tube current, which determines the maximum tube current that the X-ray tube can pass through, and thus determines the intensity and number of X-rays that can be generated by the X-ray machine. There will be a gap, which directly leads to the limitations of X-ray machines with different powers at the shooting site. X-ray machines with small power will have difficulty when shooting thick parts. The following are the X-ray machines with common power Types of. It refers to the nominal power of X-ray tube such as 10, 20, 50 kW, etc. In my country, it is generally classified by the size of the maximum tube current allowed by X-ray tube:

①X-ray machine with the maximum tube current of less than 100mA in the minicomputer;

②Medium-sized machine X-ray machine with the maximum tube current of 200~500mA;

③ Mainframe X-ray machine with maximum tube current above 500mA.

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