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What is the principle of X-ray generation?

What is the principle of X-ray generation?
First of all, we need to know the law of conservation of energy, that is, energy will not disappear out of thin air, nor will it appear out of thin air. Next we can explain how X-rays are produced.
The cathode of the X-ray tube generates a high-speed current, and the high-speed current runs to the target surface of the anode technology at a high speed. After the two collide, most of the kinetic energy is converted into heat energy, and a very small part is converted into X-rays and becomes light energy , released to the outside world.
In the tube, there will be special windows for X-ray release. X-rays are continuously generated in the collision of high-speed current with the metal target surface, and the kinetic energy of its electrons is continuously converted into heat energy and X-rays.

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