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What kind and price of small X-ray machine for medical examination

The small X-ray machines used for physical examination generally refer to portable X-ray machines, which are light and easy to carry, and are convenient to use when going out for physical examinations.
Our portable X-ray machine is designed with a touch screen, which can be customized according to the patient’s body shape, and the shooting site can be selected by touch. The operation is simple and easy to use. And the language of the X-ray machine can be customized, any language can be used. The price is not expensive, generally around 20,000, but if it is equipped with an imaging system, the price is not necessarily, 70,000-90,000 are possible.
For medical examinations, it is generally equipped with a digital imaging system, which can directly view images on the computer, which is convenient and efficient and improves efficiency. Coupled with digital imaging system, this constitutes what we usually call mobile DR. This system mainly includes 100mA X-ray machine + wired/wired flat panel detector (1417/1717) + image workstation software + computer + rack, the overall price around eighty thousand. The computer can be equipped with a desktop computer or a notebook computer, according to customer needs. There are two types of racks in our company, namely the electric triangle rack and the blue and white T-shaped rack. At present, customers choose the most electric triangle rack, which can be remotely controlled. Operation, control the X-ray machine to move up and down, more convenient and labor-saving. Below is a picture of our company’s portable X-ray machine:

high-frequency veterinary X-ray machine

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