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What kind of X-ray machine should a personal clinic choose?

Individual clinics should choose an X-ray machine that suits their daily diagnostic needs. There are two types of X-ray machines commonly used in private clinics: digital and traditional.
A digital X-ray machine is an X-ray machine based on digital imaging technology that digitizes the image of the inspected part and displays it on the computer screen. Compared with traditional X-ray machines, the DR imaging speed is faster, the image information is richer, and the radiation dose is lower. At the same time, the connection between the device and the computer system makes the viewing, management, storage and sharing of images more convenient.
Traditional X-ray machines are relatively cheaper, but the photos need to be processed with developer, and the imaging is relatively slow. At the same time, more repeated shootings are required, and the radiation dose is also higher. Therefore, individual clinics should choose an X-ray machine that suits them based on their work needs and budget, while taking into account its radiation safety and imaging accuracy.
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