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What scenarios can the vehicle-mounted DR X-ray machine be used for?

The application scenarios and advantages of the vehicle-mounted DR X-ray machine:
1. Medical vehicle
When medical institutions need support in response to emergencies, the advantages of the vehicle-mounted DR X-ray machine are extremely prominent. The vehicle-mounted DR has the characteristics of compact structure, small footprint, and convenient installation, so that it can efficiently complete the radiological examination items on the medical vehicle. And its mobility is strong, which is convenient for medical institutions to carry out assistance work in their branch districts or other medical units.
2. Medical examination vehicle
The humanized vehicle-mounted design is equivalent to a mobile physical examination center. When the hospital carries out physical examination activities in the countryside, it plays an important role in promoting the development of primary medical care by cooperating with the multi-functional physical examination vehicle for physical examination. Moreover, the vehicle-mounted DR X-ray machine has low power requirements, and only needs 220V power supply to achieve normal exposure, and the radiation dose will be relatively lower.
3. Physical examination center
It has unique advantages in preventing sudden and urgent inspections. X-ray digital photography is mainly performed on the chest and other parts. With excellent image quality, fast imaging capability and good exposure latitude, it can realize intelligent remote control and precise positioning.
In recent years, with the benefits of medical policies in various countries around the world, many elderly people can have free medical examinations. The vehicle-mounted DR is installed on the medical examination vehicle to realize fast and convenient physical examination in different external scenarios, forming modes such as door-to-door medical services, setting up medical teams to go to the countryside, and establishing emergency medical plans in a short time in case of emergencies, flexibly meeting the needs of medical units . It has a broad market prospect.
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