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What should a pet hospital pay attention to when choosing a pet DR?

First of all, we need to understand what pet DR is. Pet DR is a device specially used for pet X-ray examination. Through professional design, it can be better applied to pet X-ray examination. It can perform x-ray examinations for different parts of pets, and can assist clinicians in treating pets.
The pet DR is composed of several parts. I will not explain them one by one today. Today, I will simply talk about how to choose a suitable pet DR.
We must first choose the flat panel detector, which is also the most valuable part of the whole set of equipment. It is the key component of the pet X-ray machine. Generally, we can choose the amorphous silicon flat panel detector. Of course, if we consider the price or other reasons, it is also necessary to Amorphous flat panel detectors can be selected. The flat panel detector can choose wired board and wireless board. In selecting the pixel size, it is not necessary to pursue too small pixels, as long as the image quality is high.
Then there is the choice of the high-voltage generator. Generally speaking, you can choose a larger power within your own acceptance range, because the technology of the high-voltage generator is relatively mature and the price is relatively transparent, so you can choose according to your own conditions of use. The same is true for the tube, the rotatable anode tube has a longer life than the fixed tube, but if the frequency of use is not high, the fixed tube can also be selected.
In the selection of pet beds for pet DR, generally we can choose four-way floating, no need for six-way floating, because six-way floating is generally convenient for human photography, and it is not convenient for the elderly or the injured to get on and off the bed, and pets generally do not have this. Yes, there is no need to select six-way movement.
The last is professional imaging software, which is generally equipped in the purchase of pet DR manufacturers, so we generally do not need to choose.

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