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What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of X-ray machine?

The maintenance of X-ray machine needs to pay attention to the following points:
1. Regular cleaning: It is very important to keep the exterior and interior of the X-ray machine clean to prevent dust, dirt and other impurities from affecting the normal operation of the equipment.
2. Regular calibration: The imaging quality and precision of X-ray machines need to be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate and reliable imaging results.
3. Regular inspection and replacement of parts: Regular inspection and maintenance of various parts of the X-ray machine, including inspection of wiring, power supply and cooling system, and replacement of worn or damaged parts.
4. Pay attention to safety: When maintaining X-ray machines, safety regulations must be strictly followed, including the correct use of personal protective equipment, avoiding direct contact with radiation, and following the operating steps in the manual.
5. Establish maintenance records: Establish a complete maintenance record, including maintenance date, maintenance content, maintenance personnel and other information, which is helpful to track maintenance work and solve possible problems in a timely manner.
The above are some aspects that need to be paid attention to when maintaining X-ray machines, but the specific maintenance requirements may vary with different models of X-ray machines. It is recommended that you refer to the user manual of the equipment and the manufacturer’s information when using and maintaining the X-ray machine. guidance.
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