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What X-ray machine is used for industrial foreign body detection

Industrial foreign body detection X-ray machine, also known as industrial X-ray detection machine, is a kind of X-ray machine that uses the X-ray machine to emit rays to pass through the detected object, and uses the difference in the density of the detected object to form an image for the technician to detect and analyze. Optical machine.
According to the different working modes of ray instant exposure and continuous exposure, industrial X-ray inspection machines can be divided into two types: industrial foreign body detection X-ray machines for filming and industrial foreign body detection X-ray machines for fluoroscopy.
The industrial foreign object detection X-ray machine used for filming is an X-ray machine that is instantly exposed by the X-ray machine and generates static pictures for analysis through the imaging system. It is mainly suitable for the detection method of intermittent working mode;
The industrial foreign body detection X-ray machine for fluoroscopy is a technology that generates dynamic images through the imaging system through the contact of the X-ray machine, and conducts real-time observation and analysis of the dynamic images. This technology has a wider application range and more mature technology. Such as detection of foreign bodies in food packaging, metal castings, welding process defect detection, etc.
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