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What X-ray machines can take pictures of the lumbar spine?

The main types of X-ray machines that can take pictures of the lumbar spine are as follows:
1. Fixed X-ray machine: Often used in hospital diagnostic rooms, it can take X-rays of the whole body or local areas. For taking lumbar spine X-rays, the patient is generally required to lie on his back or prone, and the lumbar spine is placed under the X-ray machine for shooting. Common ones include double column X-ray machines, sickle arm X-ray machines, etc.
2. Portable X-ray machine: Generally used for diagnosis in emergency situations, it can be carried to the patient for shooting. It is suitable for patients who need to be transferred or cannot move.
3. CT machine (computed tomography): It uses the absorption of X-rays in the human body to scan from multiple angles to finally generate an image with a three-dimensional effect. In terms of diagnosing lumbar spine diseases, CT machines can provide more accurate imaging information.
4. MRI machine (magnetic resonance imaging): Unlike CT machines, MRI machines use medical magnetic resonance technology and do not require the use of X-rays or radiation, which can provide clearer images. MRI machines have advantages in diagnosing certain lumbar spine conditions, such as spina bifida.
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