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Why do artifacts appear in the imaging effects of DR X-ray machines?

The digital DR X-ray machine can complete the digital shooting of the patient in a few seconds, shorten the time of traditional X-ray photography, and obtain a larger image range. It greatly facilitates doctors’ analysis of the condition and shortens patients’ waiting time, which is of great significance to clinical applications.
A common fault that occurs with DR X-ray machines during use is artifacts in the image. Why is this? On the one hand, there may be something wrong with the flat panel detector itself. Another aspect is that there are foreign objects within the irradiation range. It is easy to detect if there are foreign objects in the irradiation range. You only need to remove the beam collector, filter grid and other equipment one by one, and use the controlled variable method to easily find out which component the foreign object is on. Anyway, there is something wrong with the flat panel detector. Some of the bad pixels and bad sectors of FPD can be removed through tablet calibration, while some cannot be removed and can only be repaired or replaced.
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