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Why does the X-ray Exposure Switch use a two-stage exposure design?

X-ray exposure switch is an electrical control switch, which is mainly used to control the electrical signal connection of medical diagnostic X-ray machine and the control switch of exposure equipment.

The X-ray Exposure switch is used for X-ray machine controlled static imaging and X-ray machine fluoroscopy to keep the physician away from the radiation area.
Newheek X-ray exposure switch is divided into one gear, two gear and three gear.
In order to prevent exposure caused by mistouch, X-ray Exposure switch uses a two-stage design.
The first of two levels of X-ray exposure switch is the exposure preparation state, the doctor accidentally touch the button, can prevent exposure occurs, reduce the radiation dose caused by mistouch.
The X-ray Exposure switch is equipped with a fixed bracket.
Newheek’s two-gear X-ray Exposure switch has L01, L02, L04 three models.
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