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Why use a vertical dental X-ray machine for children

Dental caries can cause toothache and affect a child’s ability to chew.
If left untreated for a long time, dental caries may result in partial chewing and asymmetric bilateral development in children, as well as the normal development and eruption of permanent teeth.

Why do we use a vertical dental X-ray machine to take dental x-rays for cavities in children?
In general, tooth extraction is used to take oral x-rays with a vertical dental X-ray machine.
X-ray examination before tooth extraction can understand the tooth problem in detail, so as to determine the direction and position of tooth growth.
The x-rays will help the doctor make further plans.
The purpose of using a vertical dental X-ray machine to take oral X-rays is to help doctors understand the number and shape of children’s tooth roots so that doctors can diagnose them.
The purpose of using vertical dental X-ray machine to shoot oral X-ray is also to develop a more reasonable tooth extraction plan, which can reduce the risk of tooth extraction process, and tooth extraction is relatively safe.
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