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Will there be radiation when the camera is not running?

Whether the film camera has radiation is the most concerned issue for everyone. Today, Xiaobian came to understand that there is no radiation when the film camera is not in operation. Some pregnant women will be very worried about whether there is radiation when they go to the hospital to take pictures. If the machine is not turned on, it will have no effect, and it will not affect the baby. It doesn’t matter if you don’t go in. When the machine is turned on, general radioactive substances have a certain impact on pregnant women, and long-term exposure will have adverse effects on embryonic development. Generally, when the radiology department does not conduct examinations, the door is open. At this time, it means that it is relatively safe. You have been to the radiology department during pregnancy. As long as there is no direct exposure to radiation, it will not have any impact on the baby.
When we usually film, we usually wear lead clothing when entering the lead room. After wearing it, it can prevent radiation and is relatively safe. Speaking of which, everyone should have a certain understanding of whether there will be radiation if the film camera is not running.
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