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Wireless Bluetooth X-ray Hand Switch can replace wired X-ray hand switch remote operation

A county hospital recently said it was equipped with Wandong’S DRX – ray machines.
If they want to carry out the transformation of remote control, they want to change the wired X-ray Hand switch to wireless Bluetooth hand brake to realize remote operation.
Not long ago, I contacted the customer to inquire about the progress of purchasing wireless Bluetooth X-ray Hand Switch.
The customer asked us when our company could install it at your door. This simple accessory doesn’t need to be installed at your door.
The Installation of X ray Hand Switch is very simple.
Our technicians can provide video telephone guidance during the installation process.
The customer said that the distance of 10 meters felt a little close.
Ten meters is enough for normal use.
The customer said that 10 meters too close is not safe, after all there will be radiation.
As long as the X-ray machine is installed in a lead-protected room, there is basically no radiation outside.
This is safe and can be used normally.
The wireless Bluetooth X-ray Hand Switch produced by our factory is mostly used for export, which ensures the performance and quality of products.
We are a manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, if you are interested in this kind of products, please contact us!

Author: 肖恩

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