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X-ray exposure hand switch for Newheek 50KW X-ray machine.

Newheek’s hand switches are divided into seven styles, which can be used to control the X-ray machine for X-ray exposure. Different types of X-ray exposure hand switches are suitable for different X-ray machines, fixed X-ray machines, portable X-ray machines, mobile X-ray machines and dental X-ray machines. Of course, it can also be matched with C-arm, U-arm and other X-ray machines.

Newheek has a popular 50 kW X-ray machine, which matches our L01 x-ray exposure hand switc. This hand switch is our most popular and also a general purpose hand switch. The line length matches the standard 4c3m hand switch.

If you are interested in our X-ray exposure hand switch, please feel free to contact us.

Author: Yevette

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