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X-ray foot switch built-in OMRON micro switch gold alloy contacts

What is the X-ray foot switch made of? The NK-F series foot switch is made of flame-retardant, reinforced, and chemical-resistant engineering plastics. The medical disinfectant can be cleaned with peace of mind. The split structure can be easily combined into double or multi-position form.
The standard configuration is RVV0.5mm2×2m cable. You can also customize and install Φ6.35mm audio plug, Φ3.5mm audio plug, DB9 serial plug or other cable ends as required.
X-ray foot switch, also called X-ray foot switch, can be used for medical and industrial purposes. The main function is to achieve some control of the machine. Now it is widely used. Let me take a look at X-ray. Foot switch!
X-ray foot switch can be divided into multiple types: one is multi-connection, the other is single-connection,
Among them, a single X-ray foot switch refers to a single X-ray foot switch; multiple X-ray foot switches mainly include double foot switches, triple foot switches, quad foot switches, five foot switches, and six foot switches. Different control functions can be realized by connecting foot switch and so on.
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