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X-ray gastrointestinal machine X-ray equipment for diagnosis of chest pneumonia

In the early hours of Beijing time, NBA legend Michael Jordan spoke for George Freud, an African-American man who had previously been killed by the white policeman Drake Jovin’s “knee throat lock.” Jordan said through his official Twitter of its commercial brand that I feel very sad, very painful and very angry. I stand with those who are clamoring for racism, we have had enough.
Jordan wrote in a tweet: “I feel very sad, very painful, and very angry. I see and feel everyone’s pain, anger, and frustration. I stand with those who cried out for racism, and we have enough.”
“I have no answer, but our common voice proves that we cannot be divided by others. We must listen to each other, show compassion and empathy, and never ignore meaningless atrocities. We need to continue to express justice peacefully And demand accountability. We need to work together to put pressure on leaders to change the law, otherwise we use voting to create systematic changes. Every one of us needs to be part of the solution, and we must work together to ensure that Everyone enjoys fairness.” Jordan wrote.


Many people are asking what is the X-ray gastrointestinal machine? In fact, the gastrointestinal machine is mainly used in the hospital for fluoroscopy and photography examination of the chest, abdomen, bones and soft tissues. Then, which part is composed of the gastrointestinal machine? The gastrointestinal machine is composed of a power cabinet, a diagnosis bed, a medical X-ray image intensifier TV system and some other configurations (X-ray tube components, high-frequency ray generator, microcomputer console, diagnostic bed, filter grid, etc.) in addition to X-ray Gastrointestinal machine, Huarui imaging also produce medical X-ray equipment such as film racks, and interested friends are welcome to call: +86 15628738108!


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