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X-ray high voltage cable customizable sample for swing/torsion test

Recently, a customer consulted that X-ray high-voltage cable is mainly used for CT equipment. I would like to ask how many times is the swing/torsion test of X-ray high-voltage cable of our company? Tell the customer that this test requires the user to purchase X-ray high voltage cable samples for testing. Because I have communicated with this customer for a long time, I feel more interested. After applying to the company’s leaders, the customer is informed that a sample of 75KV X-ray high-voltage cable can be provided free of charge, and the length of the X-ray high-voltage cable needs to be confirmed. The customer sent three specifications, 8 meters straight X-ray high-voltage cable, 2 meters straight head and small head X-ray high-voltage cable, 25 meters elbow straight head X-ray high-voltage cable. Only one X-ray high-voltage cable can be provided. Finally confirmed to provide customers with an 8-meter straight X-ray high voltage cable. After receiving the 8-meter straight X-ray high-voltage cable, the customer will test it by himself.

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