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X-ray high voltage cable with straight end on one end and elbow on end

Recently, a Colombian customer sent an e-mail to inquire about X-ray high-voltage cables. We have two types of X-ray high-voltage cables, 75KV and 90KV. Ask the customer which X-ray high-voltage cable does? The normal delivery period of ray high-voltage cables is 7-15 days. Do you want X-ray high-voltage cables with elbows at both ends? Is it for your company or your customers? Because of the impact of the new crown epidemic, we now report EWX price. Regarding transportation, do you have an agent in China? Or do you have your own designated express account? Send product pictures to customers. About 8 90KV 6M high-voltage cables, the customer said that one end is straight and one end is elbow .Report the EXW price, they are consulting the freight forwarder.

In addition, our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest film racks, and various types of X-ray machine parts. If you have similar projects, Please contact us!

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