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X-ray high voltage generator parameters

The development of X-ray high voltage generator technology has experienced a development stage from power frequency of 50Hz to medium frequency of hundreds Hz and even to high frequency of kHz. The improvement of working frequency of high voltage generator has brought about a great reduction of equipment volume and weight, a great improvement of power density, and a great leap in performance index and imaging quality.
The X-ray generator is a combination of anti-scattering and anti-electric shock, which is equipped with high-voltage transformer, filament transformer, X-ray tube and high-voltage silicon column. It adopts bridge rectification mode. When the temperature of the component is over 60, the temperature control switch cuts off the exposure control loop.
X ray high voltage generator parameters
Power supply voltage: ac 220V 22V;
Power frequency: 50Hz 0.5hz;
Power capacity: 5KVA;
Maximum allowable internal resistance of power supply: 1
Input power: 2.96kva
Inherent filtration: 2.5mmal (including one additional 1mmAL and 0.5mmal filter for each window)
Weight: 20.5 KG
Newheek X-ray high voltage generator is divided into 32KW and 50KW, which can meet your different procurement needs.

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