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X-ray machine Exposure Hand switch

Hand switch is also called exposure hand switch, hand switch is a handheld switch, the product is equipped with two levels of switch, press the button is on, release the button is off, press the button to the first step to be on, all press the second gear to be on, the first gear is still on, the product is equipped with a fixed bracket.The hand brake is an electrical control part, which can be used for the on and off of electrical signals, photographic equipment and medical diagnostic X-ray machines.According to different needs, the products have different models, the line length can be customized.

L01 handbrake switch is suitable for digital film recorder, digital DR gastrointestinal machine, DRX ray machine, C-arm and other medical equipment. Its operation steps mainly include two steps: the first step controls the exposure preparation state, and the second step controls the exposure.

The L01 handbrake switch is designed with double knobs and double microswitches, and is equipped with spring trigger bar. The switch button is a plane step.

The main technical parameters are:

Mechanical parameters:

1. Handle size: 10.5cm long and 3cm wide

2. Length of handbrake line: 4 cores and 3 meters (line can be customized)

3. Gear: 2

Electrical parameters:

1. Switching life ≤ 400,000 times

2. Operating voltage:

AC: 125V 1A

DC: 30V 1A

Material is divided into frosted surface and smooth surface


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