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Patriotic health work is not only a simple environmental health management, but also requires us to combine epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, and constantly enrich its connotation: to keep pace with The Times, realize the transformation from environmental health management to comprehensive social health management, and let the concept of “great health” win the hearts of the people;We should rely closely on the people. We should not only strengthen material progress in living environment and public health infrastructure, but also promote cultural and ethical progress in promoting a healthy, healthy, green and environmentally friendly way of life. We should open up new prospects for the joint contribution of the whole society to patriotic health work.The concept of health should be integrated into relevant policies, and the concept of whole-life-cycle health management should run through all aspects of urban planning, construction and management. Comprehensive governance, such as knowledge popularization, medical and health care, and sports and fitness, should be implemented to solve the overall and long-term problems restricting national health.
x ray machine is meaningful.

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