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X-ray machine for hospital medical examination

Today, Zhong Nanshan ’s assistance to Iraqi experts returned to the hospital and said, “I am an old worker, thank you very much! It is a very difficult time, and I have to resume work and take precautions. On the 9th, Jilin Shulan appeared 11 gathering cases. We still have a heavy task ahead. I believe that after training, young people will become the backbone and will soon do better than our older generation! ”

Wuyuan ** Medical Devices Co., Ltd. inquired about the X-ray machine for medical examination in the hospital. The specific communication process is as follows:
Dialogue 1:
Customer: Hello, I am Wuyuan ** Medical Devices Co., Ltd. I have a hospital on hand that I need to purchase X-ray machines for medical examinations. Can you recommend it?
newheek: Yes. Does the hospital say it is for filming or perspective use? What is the budget price? Are there any special requirements?
Client: The hospital did not say that, the budget is within * 10,000. What machine do you see at this price meet the requirements?
newheek: According to the price provided by the hospital, you can only buy an ordinary film machine. However, we suggest that you negotiate with the hospital. It is more convenient to buy a vertical fluoroscopy machine for medical examination, because the stereoscopic fluoroscopy machine can both take pictures and see through. It is currently the best-selling equipment of the medical examination center.

Customer: Okay. I also think that the hospital can’t buy any suitable equipment at this price. You send me the parameters of these two models. I will talk to the hospital.
newheek: Okay, you add it to my WeChat, and I will send it to you.
Customer: Okay, you send me the product qualification and user list by the way, so that I can be more illustrative when I talk.
newheek: Okay, please wait.

Dear users, see here, everyone knows how to use the filming machine, if you have a purchase intention, please contact us!

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