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X-ray machine high-voltage cable oil leakage

Recently, an old customer of JN asked if there is an 8-meter high-voltage X-ray cable used on the DR X-ray machine? What is the price? They need 2 x-ray machine high-voltage cables of 90KV 8 meters, plus a total length of 8 meters, and the price is *yuan. The customer first reported to the company. The next day they asked about the purchase of the X-ray high-voltage cable, saying that the customer did not want it. The hospital said that the X-ray machine tube was leaking oil. The tube needs to be repaired. It informed the customer that most of the X-ray machine tube connections were leaking oil. In fact, it was not a tube leak, but an oil leak in the X-ray machine high-voltage cable. The situation has been dealt with many times, only the X-ray high-voltage cable needs to be replaced. There have been many such things in the X-ray machine of Beijing WD before. The customer asked whether the high-voltage cable of the X-ray machine still contains oil? DR has little contact. CT is usually the tube leaking oil. This time it is Anjian DR. The engineer said that it was probably the X-ray high-voltage cable. He did not go to the scene. The hospital said that the tube leaked and wanted to repair the ball. It is directly recommended to replace the original cable with our X-ray high-voltage cable to check whether the oil leakage has disappeared. Our X-ray high-voltage cable is different from other manufacturers’ processes, and there will be no oil leakage. The customer said that it would be spare 2 X-ray machine high-voltage cables. Now the contract for two 90KV 8m cables has been sent to the customer. At present, the customer has paid and is ready to ship.
Seeing here, have you learned about the maintenance solutions for the oil leakage of the X-ray machine high-voltage cable? In addition, our company specializes in the production of various x-ray bucky stands, various types of x-ray machine parts, and If you have similar needs, please call to discuss 15628738108 or send your request directly to my email:, we will contact you as soon as we receive the information.

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