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X-ray machine installation problems

Customers asked about X-ray machines outside the border. If they were not installed at the door, how would they install them? Tell us that we will debug the parameter configuration before leaving the factory, and then take photos and videos of the entire installation process, and send him a CD. This very detailed installation information will be installed even if it is not a professional. Just install it step by step according to the operation steps, which is equivalent to the installation of the mechanical part. After installation, it can be used directly. The customer asked 300mA again, and with the tablet system, can I shoot the lumbar spine? People who report that they are too fat may not work well, and thin people can shoot.

The price of the flat panel detector + software + computer is * 10,000, and the customer feels that the price is high. The X-ray machine + tablet system is DR. The customer asks 100mA. The film, the 100mA is that the power frequency machine has a mobile type, a fixed type, which kind? The high-frequency generators used in industrial frequency machines and high-frequency machines are different. Most machines of 300 and above are high-frequency machines, and the parameter adjustment is simpler. The customer asked about the difference, and told that the power frequency is a tank-type generator, the high frequency is the circuit board, and the power frequency machine is an old machine.

Without the flat panel detector system, the film must be washed. The customer said that the high frequency machine is good. Inquire about which one you want, and say they are all doctors. It can save a little better. It is best to be good and cheap.

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