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x ray machine is committed to eliminating the virus

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in the world, China and the United States have been arguing about the source of the new coronavirus, and both sides will point the source to each other.

Trump repeatedly called the new crown the “Chinese virus”, Pompeo once said in a high profile that there is “a lot of evidence” that the new crown virus came from the virus laboratory in Wuhan; In the United States. He also specifically stated on Twitter in March that the US military might have brought the virus to Wuhan.

However, the large amount of evidence Pompeo said so far has not been revealed; Zhao Lijian made no evidence when he claimed.

In the US election year, Trump and rival Biden, who seek re-election, put the Chinese epidemic on the agenda. Analysts believe that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party may expect that a strong attitude toward China will help win votes. Trump accused China of ineffectiveness of the epidemic, causing the virus to spread globally; Biden’s team accused Trump of believing too much in the viral information shared in the early stages of the Chinese epidemic.

The Chinese side said that the US side accused China in order to get rid of the doubts, criticisms, and accountability that it had received against the weak domestic epidemic.

However, some scholars believe that China’s tough attitude towards virus tracing is similar to that of the US strategy. It is also a drunkard’s intent. Diversion of domestic contradictions.
x ray machine is used to Control the spread of viruses

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