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X-ray machine parts and functions

The composition of X-ray machine X-ray machine is generally composed of X-ray tube, high-voltage generator, control equipment, cooler, mechanical equipment and high-voltage cables and other components. The portable X-ray machine directly connects the X-ray tube and the high-voltage generator to form a combined X-ray generator, eliminating the need for high-voltage cables, and is assembled with the cooler to form a ray cabinet. For the convenience of portability, there is generally no support for the machine. Planning of mechanical equipment.
X-ray machines can be divided into industrial X-ray machines and medical X-ray machines. Industrial X-ray machines can be divided into hard ray machines and soft ray machines according to the intensity of the generated rays. Diffraction analyzers used for physical and chemical inspection are classified as soft rays, while those used for inspection of materials with larger area and thickness are hard rays. The generation of radiation is generally the use of high-voltage electricity: for example, a voltage of 10OkV or 30OkV is applied to the X-ray tube, and the generated radiation can penetrate the steel plate of 5-50mm. On the other hand, an electron accelerator can generate rays that penetrate a steel plate with a thickness of 100 mm or more.
Machines that use high-voltage electricity to generate X-rays can be divided into portable (mobile) and stationary. X-ray portable X-ray machines mostly use combined X-ray generators, which are small in size and light in weight, and are suitable for workpiece flaw detection in construction sites and field operations; mobile X-ray machines can be moved in workshops or laboratories, and are suitable for medium and thick welding. The flaw detection of parts; the fixed X-ray machine is fixed in a certain working environment to complete the flaw detection operation by moving the weldment. X-ray machines can also be divided into directional radiation and circumferential radiation according to the radiation direction of the ray beam. Among them, the circumferential X-ray machine is particularly suitable for the flaw detection of annular welds of pipes, boilers and pressure vessels. Since all welds can be viewed in one exposure, the work efficiency is significantly improved.

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