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X-ray machine tube is broken, repair or replace

The X-ray machine is a device that generates X-rays. It is mainly composed of an X-ray tube, an X-ray machine power supply, and a control circuit. The X-ray tube consists of a cathode filament (Cathod), an anode target (Anode), and a vacuum glass tube. composition
Open the anode first, so that you can see a wire passing through the cable jacket part, remove this wire first.
Then open the cap of the cathode of the bulb.
Then remove the three lines, big focus, small focus, common line
Next, open the three screws that fix the X-ray ball, and the three screws that are fixed to the tube.
The circular ring can now be taken out and the X-ray tube can be removed
At this time, use one hand to reach in and hold the X-ray tube firmly. If you can stabilize the tube with the other hand, the inner hand should be forced to face the anode and turn counterclockwise, so that you can take off the X-ray tube.
When installing, be careful, follow the reverse order, and pay attention to the center point of the X-ray tube to the center seat of the window.
Finally, after everything is fixed, you can add the burnt transformer oil to the tube (below 60 degrees Celsius)
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