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X-ray machine upgrade dr

The DR process of film machine modification is the process of digitizing ordinary X-ray machines, and in this process, the way of receiving images is mainly changed. Changed from the receiving method of the cassette to the receiving method of the tablet, and from the receiving method of the CR’s IP board to the receiving method of the tablet. The physical structure of the original acceptance method is different from that of the slab. DR, also known as digital X-ray machine, direct digital X-ray camera system, digital X-ray machine. Digital X-ray machine is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by the combination of computer digital image processing technology and X-ray radiation technology. It is based on the direct film imaging of the original diagnostic X-ray machine. And D/A conversion, real-time image digital processing, and then digitized the image. DR direct digital X-ray photography system has the advantages of clear image quality, fast imaging speed, and less radiation than traditional X-ray machines.
If you are interested in upgrading your X-ray machine to a DR system, you can contact us anytime and anywhere, and we will recommend suitable products for you.

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