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X-ray tube assembly – ball tube

X-ray ball tube principle and application of X-ray ball tube Diagnostic X-ray ball tube X-ray ball tube is one of the main components of X-ray machine, is the element that produces X-ray, its function is to convert electric energy into X-ray.
In the early stage, there was always residual gas in the glass tube, so it was difficult to start the X-ray tube when it was heated by electricity, and the ball tube worked short and its life was not long due to the low vacuum.At the beginning of the 19th century, William Coletz, a physicist at the General Institute of Electronics in the United States, designed and invented the vacuum tube, which USES the current of the filament to send out the electron stream to generate X-ray. The vacuum tube is more accurate, stable and firm than the previous tube, which can get better picture effect.

As an X-ray source, the ball tube is of great importance. The continuous and uninterrupted scanning of MSCT results in a high X-ray dose, which requires the CT ball tube to have a higher heat capacity.The improvement of heat capacity requires the continuous improvement of spherical tube materials and the structure of rotating anode.Small (micro) focus, large capacity, high frequency and high pressure and its stability, high speed rotating anode (low noise), filament emission consistency and so on become the development direction of spherical tube.
In the composition of the X-ray machine, the ball tube is mainly connected with the beam of light, the X-ray ball tube is one of the main components of the X-ray machine, is the element that produces X-ray, its role is to convert electrical energy into X-ray.Since 1895 roentgen discovered the X-ray tube, the X-ray tube has gradually developed to the direction of large power, small focus and specialization. Its structure has been constantly improved, and fixed anode, rotating anode and various special X-ray tubes have appeared successively.
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