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X-ray vertical fluoroscopy machine installation in CDC

Recently, a strange thing happened in Europe, which caused a panic in medically developed Europe. Many doctors were confused for a while. So, this is something they never expected in the past-
The new coronavirus began to wreak havoc among children. Children with skin loss due to body inflammation
In the United Kingdom, the intensive care unit that has just relieved pressure has suddenly become busy again. A large number of new critically ill patients have been sent to the ICU ward one after another. Unlike the past, this group of patients has a small number of elderly people Most are children. The symptoms of these children have similarities, all of which are rashes, heart inflammation, arterial swelling and so on.
In Italy on the other side, the condition of children has also deteriorated sharply. This kind of sickness with red rashes and heart inflammation has caused menacing conditions, causing most Italian children to be admitted to the ICU ward.
How is this going? A new epidemic is coming?
According to the initial survey, these children are mostly under 9 years old,
They are suffering from this kind of sickness, like a rare disease-Kawasaki Disease (Kawasaki Disease). Kawasaki disease is a rare disease, the cause of which is unknown, and cases usually have systemic inflammation of the blood vessels, high fever for more than 5 days, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, red eyes, rash on the genital area, lips, palms or soles, sore throat and diarrhea The skin of hands and feet peeled off. The most obvious symptom was that the patient’s tongue was red and swollen and strawberry-like. If the lesion is serious, it can also lead to heart disease and aneurysm. Kawasaki disease “strawberry tongue”
According to statistics from Italian experts, within the past month, a hospital in northern Italy found more than 20 children suspected of having Kawasaki disease, which is 6 times the total number of cases of Kawasaki disease in Italy in a year.

Our engineers went to Cangzhou * Disease Control Center to install the X-ray vertical fluoroscopy machine at the customer’s invitation.Because the customer’s budget is limited, the equipped vertical fluoroscopy machine uses a CCD camera. It is not difficult to find from the on-site picture that our company has made integrated equipment, such as the NK1410A medical (black and white high-definition) monitor, LCD touch console (Adjust the dose size) and the panel with the switch key have been unified planning and processing, so that not only the operation is convenient, the appearance also looks more beautiful and coordinated. This installation and commissioning has won unanimous praise from users, the effect of the user’s personal test below. Note: Because the resolution of the analog monitor does not match that of the mobile phone, the image jumps during shooting, and the rendering is not very clear, but the image stored inside the computer is very clear.

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