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What can an industrial X-ray machine detect?

Industrial X-ray machines can be used for non-destructive testing (NDT), which is mainly used to detect the internal structure and defects of materials to determine whether the materials meet the specification requirements, whether there are cracks, pores, inclusions, foreign objects and other defects or structural problems. Common application scenarios include industries such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, metal manufacturing, electric power, electronics, and medical device manufacturing. Specific applications include:
1. Detect internal defects of metal parts, such as cracks, pores and inclusions;
2. Check the alignment and stability of steel building structures, such as bridges, transmission poles, etc.;
3. Conduct welding inspection on copper wires, rectifiers, etc.;
4. Detect foreign objects and defects inside composite materials;
5. Detect products in industries such as electronic components, integrated circuits and semiconductors, such as chips, circuit boards, etc.;
6. Orthopedic examination in the medical field, such as detecting whether the fracture site is healed, whether the embedding position of the artificial joint is accurate, etc.
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