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100mA Mobile X-Ray Veterinary Radiography Machine

100mA Mobile X-Ray Veterinary Radiography Machine


1. It is used for pet clinics specially.

2. Flexible mobile operation function.

3. Wireless exposure can reduce doctor radiation greatly.

Main Technology Parameters

1. Power Supply & Running Mode 

Power Supply Voltage: AC220V±22V

Power Supply Frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz

Power Supply Capacity: ≥8kVA

Power Supply Allowed Max. Internal Resistance: 1Ω

Running Mode: Interval Loading, continuous operation

2. MAX. Nominal Capacity

100mA Mobile X-Ray Veterinary Radiography Machine specification

3. Radiography Condition

Tube Voltage: 50~90kV

Tube Current: 15, 30, 60, 100mA, total 4 steps

Time: 0.08s~6.3s, total 19 steps, selected according to R10’ coefficient.

4. Max. Output Power

(80kV, 100mA, 0.1s) 5.92kVA

5. Nominal Electric Power

(90kV, 60mA,0.1s) 4.00kVA

6. Input Power


7. Mechanical Performance

Distance from X-Ray Tube Focus to Ground Surface Up-Down Moving Range: 810~1790mm

X-Ray Tube Horizontal Telescopic Scope: 255mm

Left-Right Swing Angle: ±50°

X-Ray Tube Circle Horizontal axis Rotating Angle: ±180°

X-Ray Tube Circle Vertical axis Rotating Angle: ±90°

8. Device Overall Dimension(L×W×H)(mm)   1442×690×1986

100mA Mobile X-Ray Veterinary Radiography Machine

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